Just Keepin’ Current…

Hey all. These are the shows I’ve got going on in the next couple of months. Unencumbered by the burden of gainful employment as I am, I’m going to be hitting the phones even harder, so there’ll be more to come. Fingers crossed. Anyhoo…

December 18, Elk Brewing (Grand Rapids), 8-11
January 24, The Hideout (Grand Rapids), 8:30-10:3
January 30, Right Brain Brewery (Traverse City), 7-9
February 28, Saugatuck Brewing Co. (Saugatuck), 6:30-10:3
March 13, Michigan By the Bottle (Shelby), 7-9:30

Dale Wicks on Twitter

I have a Twitter account now, so you know Twitter has officially peaked! Anyhow, it’s https://twitter.com/DaleWicksMusic, and I’ll be talking about my various gigs and recording projects…kind of like here, but in 140 characters or less.
I also put a few new tracks up in the music section from Real Still Life. I’ve outgrown the recordings, cringeworthily so, but the songs are still good, so you may listen if you do not judge. Those are at https://dalewicks.bandcamp.com/album/real-still-life. There are more songs on there, but I thought I’d start with these five, so as to not appear too clownish.